Sentence Examples with the word half-brother

By way of testing this assumption, a bay filly, the half-sister of a richly striped hybrid, was put to a cross-bred Highland pony, and a Highland mare, while nursing her hybrid foal, was put to a colt the half-brother of a hybrid.

My dear half-brother Erik went into hiding and hasn't been seen in weeks, leaving his part of the world completely exposed.

The only other brother ever to extend a hand to help him was Kiki, the pragmatic half-brother who protected Asia.

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EVAGORAS, son of Nicocles, king of Salamis in Cyprus 410374 B.C. He claimed descent from Teucer, half-brother of Ajax, son of Telamon, and his family had long been rulers of Salamis until supplanted by a Phoenician exile.

He frees her from imprisonment in the castle of Meleagant, who has carried her off against her will - (a similar adventure is related in Lanzelet, where the abductor is Valerin, and Lanzelet is not the rescuer) - and, although he recovers his kingdom from Claudas, he prefers to remain a simple knight of Arthur's court, bestowing the lands on his cousins and half-brother Hector.

He later took orders, and, through the favour of Cardinal Calandrini, half-brother of Nicholas V., obtained from Paul II.

The king was unable to make much headway, in spite of the death of Duke Henry, which occurred in October 1139; and his half-brother Leopold IV., margrave of Austria, to whom Bavaria had been entrusted, was defeated by Henry's brother Welf, afterwards duke of Spoleto and margrave of Tuscany.

Calvagh, however, died in the same year, and as his son Conn was a prisoner in the hands of Shane O'Neill, his half-brother Hugh MacManus was inaugurated The O'Donnell in his place.

They wasted the next few years in the attempt to win Normandy; but Earl Robert of Gloucester, the half-brother of the empress, at length induced her to visit England and raise her standard in the western shires, where his influence was supreme.

The rest of the freaks collected by Sasha, Rhyn's half-brother who aligned himself with the Dark One, were quiet on the cell block.