Sentence Examples with the word half-breed

Not sure why he has a half-breed like you hanging around when he's got a full-blooded demon like me here.

In Laconia Aristodemus (or his twin sons) effected a rigid military occupation which eventually embraced the whole district, and permitted (a) the colonization of Melos, Thera and parts of Crete (before 800 B.C.), (b) the reconquest and annexation of Messenia (about 750 B.C.), (c) a settlement of half-breed Spartans at Tarentum in south Italy, 700 B.C. In Argos and other cities of Argolis the descendants of the Achaean chiefs were taken into political partnership, but a tradition of race-feud lasted till historic times.

He saw firsthand how Rhyn.s destructive nature took its toll on those closest to him, and the half-breed had no sense of loyalty or duty to the Council.

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Of the Oconee river, but after a remonstrance of one of their half-breed chiefs Congress decided that the cessions were invalid, and the National government negotiated, in 1790, a new treaty which ceded only the lands E.

You asked him not to kill a few kids, at the request of the half-breed he fucking hates, and he just agreed.

The terrible cruelty at first exercised on the natives was restrained, not merely by the zeal of the missionaries, but by effective official measures; and ultimately home-born Spaniards and Creoles lived on terms of comparative fairness with the Indians and with the half-breed population.

All these causes, and especially the first-mentioned, have enabled the Sla y s to maintain their ethnical purity in a relatively high degree, whereby they have been enabled to assimilate foreign elements and make them intensify or improve the ethnical type, without giving rise to half-breed races.

Assuming it was some sort of uncivilized training exercise engineered by the half-breed in charge of the Council, he was nonetheless stopped from enjoying his first tea since returning from Hell.

It is not uncommon in popular writings to attribute this superiority to a crusader strain - a theory which no one can possibly countenance who knows what miserable degenerates the half-breed descendants of the crusaders rapidly became, as a result of their immoral life and their ignorance of the sanitary precautions necessary in a trying climate.

You didn.t need to bring the half-breed here.