Sentence Examples with the word half a dozen

My house was on the side of a hill, immediately on the edge of the larger wood, in the midst of a young forest of pitch pines and hickories, and half a dozen rods from the pond, to which a narrow footpath led down the hill.

These two ranges are connected by more than half a dozen short transverse spurs or necks, inclosing as many cirques or high cauldron glens.

They are comparatively delicate, indeed; I dare say, not to exceed half a dozen yards round the waist.

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The administrator scan, which only the President or Vice President could run, came back with half a dozen errors.

He manoeuvred so cunningly that I could not get within half a dozen rods of him.

The Oracle was ready to pop and the wall was guarded by half a dozen men.

She relaxed into the comfortable black desk chair in front of her computer, wondering if Romas had told Evelyn of the half a dozen kids he expected.

The existence of blights and mildews of cereals had been observed and recorded in very ancient times, as witness the Bible, where half a dozen references to such scourges occur in the Old Testament alone.

Hardly half a dozen monasteries survive, inhabited by small and ever dwindling communities.

From this great mass of details, soon represented in Paris by the collection of some ioo,000 cards, it was possible, proceeding by exhaustion, to sift and sort down the cards till a small bundle of half a dozen produced the combined facts of the measurements of the individual last sought.