Sentence Examples with the word half

He was remarkably spry, healthy for his age, and had broken the hearts of half the widows in Parkside.

The Sayads gave a short-lived dynasty to India, which reigned at Delhi during the first half of the 15th century.

SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE, a principality forming part of the German Empire, consisting of the western half of the old countship of Schaumburg, and surrounded by Westphalia, Hanover and the Prussian part of Schaumburg.

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Coxe, jun., expedition, which devoted its attention to the southern half of Lower Nubia from Haifa to Korosko, while the government excavators explored from Korosko to Aswan.

He introduced a Land Bill to relieve tenants from legal process if they paid half their rent, and foretold disorder in consequence of its rejection.

If he was half as creative at torturing people and planning his battles as he was in bed, he was more than capable of doing it.

Charles Albert could dispose of 90,000 men, including some 30,000 from central Italy, but he took the field with only half his force.

Bill picked Katie up a half hour ago.

Each of these periods, which is denominated a tsee, is subdivided into two equal portions called chung-ki and tsie-ki, the chung-ki denoting the first half of the tse, and the tsie-ki the latter half.

Five hundred yards to the east .of it an interesting postern was discovered in 1895 (Orsi, in Notizie degli scavi, 1893, 168), at the point where the wall leaves the edge of the plateau and begins to follow the sea-coast; and half a mile farther on we reach the deep gorge of S.