Sentence Examples with the word hairy

Eutoca viscida: hardy, 2 ft., bright blue, with white hairy centre.

Folded Yarns are hairy after being spun and folded, and in addition sometimes contain nibs and rough places.

The family Phryganeidae have males with foursegmented hairy palps; the larvae inhabit stagnant water and make cases of vegetable fragments.

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The maned hairy sheep (Ovis jubata), which appears to be confined to the W.

The antennae, usually bottle-brush shaped (plumose) in the male sex, are less hairy in the female.

The few species of nail-tailed wallabies, Onychogale, which are confined to the Australian mainland, take their name from the presence of a horny spur at the end of the tail, and are further distinguished by the hairy muzzle.

There are two varieties of this species, the Port Moresby echidna and the hairy echidna.

Slightly snorting and grunting, he presented now his back and now his plump hairy chest to the brush with which his valet was rubbing him down.

Strigulosa, is more hairy and erect, and its flowers are smaller.

For the hairy garb, cf.