Sentence Examples with the word hagiographic

Countries, provinces and dioceses also had their special hagiographic collections, conceived according to various plans and executed with more or less historical sense.

This review contains studies in preparation for the continuation and remoulding of the Acta Sanctorum, inedited texts, dissertations, and, since 1892, a Bulletin des publications hagiographiques, containing criticisms of recent works on hagiographic questions.

They also prepared inventories of the hagiographic texts hitherto published, and of these there have appeared the Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca (1895), the Bibliotheca hagiographica latina (1899) and the Bibliotheca hagiographica Orientalis.

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But the bases of hagiology may fairly be said to have been laid at the time when hagiographic documents, hitherto dispersed, were first brought together into collections.

A great number of Greek hagiographic texts became for the first time accessible to the West in a Latin translation.

In addition to the principal collections must be mentioned the innumerable works in which the hagiographic texts have been subjected to detailed critical study.

Apart from his collaboration with de Sacy, Thomas wrote some hagiographic works and left Memoires (1697-1698 and again 1876-1879), which are highly praised by Ste Beuve as being a remarkable mirror of the life at Port Royal.

In addition to this review, the Bollandists undertook the analysis of the hagiographic MSS.

Thanks to the combined efforts of a great number of scholars, the classification of the hagiographic texts has in recent years made notable progress.

The critical study of hagiographic remains, there would be no such science before the 17th century.