Sentence Examples with the word haggada

Often the biblical text cannot be said to supply more than a hint or a suggestion, and the particular application in Halaka or Haggada must be taken on its merits, and the teaching does not necessarily fall because the exegesis is illegitimate.

In making allowance for the defects (without which they would probably not have appealed to the age) it must be remembered that some of the Rabbis themselves recognized that the Midrashic Haggada was not always estimable.

The Haggada was likewise collected according to the textual sequence of the Old Testament.

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Many of the alterations are found in the legendary anecdotes of the Jewish Haggada and the New Testament Testaments.

As the haggada is the poetic, so the halakha is the legal element of the Talmud (q.v.), and arose out of the faction between the Sadducees, who disputed the traditions, and the Pharisees, who strove to prove their derivation from scripture.

Although it goes back to early Haggada it has received later additions (as is shown by the technique of the proems).

The haggada abounds in parables.

It is not logically distinguishable from the halakha, for the latter or forensic element makes up with the haggada the Midrash, but, being more popular than the halakha, is often itself styled the Midrash.

Although there are several allusions to early written works, other references manifest an objection to the writing down of Haggada and Halaka.