Sentence Examples with the word haemorrhage

In ccllapse following severe haemorrhage and in sudden and accidental arrest of the heart or respiration during chloroform narcosis an intramuscular injection of 1 gr.

His stay in Leipzig came, however, to an abrupt conclusion; the distractions of student life proved too much for his strength; a sudden haemorrhage supervened, and he lay long ill, first in Leipzig, and, after it was possible to remove him, at home in Frankfort.

Kidney haemorrhage and albuminuria is a constant symptom.

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In small blood-vessels pressure will be sufficient to arrest haemorrhage permanently.

In January 1859 he suffered a violent haemorrhage of the lungs, and sought relief by retreating first to the West Indies and afterwards to Europe.

There may be haemorrhage from these vessels into the tissues.

It is useful in haemorrhage from a gastric ulcer or in haemorrhage from the intestine.

If the demand be for the red cells owing to loss from haemorrhage or any of the anaemias, the fatty marrow is rapidly replaced by cellular elements; this is mainly an active proliferation of the nucleated red cells, and gives rise to the erythroblastic type of marrow.

They thus act locally as haemostatics or styptics, and will often arrest severe haemorrhage from parts which are accessible, such as the nose.

It is a powerful local haemostatic, but it only checks haemorrhage when brought directly in contact with the bleeding point.