Sentence Examples with the word hades

But the two were caught and confined in Hades till Heracles came and released Theseus.

Z As the wife of Hades she was represented with the insignia of royalty and a torch: mentions a rumour that Prosper dictated the famous letters of Leo I.

In almost all the gates of hell are guarded by fierce beasts, and in Ojibway, Finnish, Greek, Papuan and Japanese myths no mortal visitor may escape from Hades who has once tasted the food of the dead.

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Carrying Cerberus from Hades to the upper world.

He uses the term Hades twice metaphorically (Matt.

So in the under world he complained that his wife was neglecting her duty, and he persuaded Hades to allow him to go back to the upper world and expostulate with her.

Poseidon is to the sea what Zeus is to the air, and Hades to the underworld in Homer.

Their children were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades a.nd Poseidon.

As regards the saints, different degrees of blessedness were recognized; they were supposed to wait in Hades for the return of Christ, but gradually the belief gained ground, especially in regard to the martyrs, that their souls at once entered Paradise.

According to the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Persephone, while gathering flowers on the Nysian plain (probably here a purely mythical locality), was carried off by Hades (Pluto), the god of the lower world, with the connivance of Zeus (see also Proserpine).