Sentence Examples with the word hack

But if there lay in this revival of energy and character the germs of a vigorous national life, for the time being Spain was thrown hack into the state of division from which it had been drawn by the Romanswith the vital difference that the race now possessed the tradition of the Roman law, the municipalities, and one great common organization in the Christian Church.

The sand-pump descends by gravitation, and its fall is checked by pressing hack the lever, so as to throw the reel against a post which serves as a brake.

She itched to have her micro again, to look at the logs and hack into whatever she could to find the answers.

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Satisfied he.d outsmarted everyone, he waited for Jade to hack apart the demon warrior guarding the portal and then disappear into the shadow world on his way to where Sasha was, the one piece of information Darkyn didn.t have.

I'll hack you with my saber! he shouted, actually drawing his saber from its scabbard and flourishing it.

Surprised, she twisted in time to see a tall form hack again and again at the Black God, whose own knife was planted in the attacker's chest.

You're always testing because surface changes, by the season, the time of day, how many climbers hack away at it, sometimes by the hour.

I created this monster that can hack into our systems and make herself disappear.

Most if not all of these hack become obliterated, but they have now been carefully restored.

Her shoulders were still hunched, as if she waited for him to hack off her head.