Sentence Examples with the word habitually

Under the title of essence are discussed those pairs of correlative terms which are habitually employed in the explanation of the world - such as law and phenomenon, cause and effect, reason and consequence, substance and attribute.

Though in politics habitually Democratic, Missouri has generally had a strong opposition party - Whig in antebellum days, and since the war, Republican - which in recent years has made political conditions increasingly unstable.

This is also, perhaps, the proper place to observe that names derived from natural phenomena - sky, clouds, dawn and sun - are habitually assigned by Brazilians, Ojibways, Australians and other savages to living men and women.

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Resident householders of a parish are those primarily eligible as churchwardens, but non-resident householders who are habitually occupiers are also eligible, while there are a few classes of persons who are either ineligible or exempted.

He asserts that in Scotland the inductive method was unknown, and that although Smith spent some of the most important years of his youth in England, where the inductive method was supreme, he yet adopted the deductive method because it was habitually followed in Scotland.

Though a few may in some circumstances kill living creatures smaller than themselves for food, none are habitually predaceous.

In the south-east they have largely gone out of use, but elsewhere, especially in the mountainous districts, they are still habitually worn.

Footprints prove that when on land it walked habitually on its hind-limbs.

The engraver on metal habitually cut his.

So much of either metal as is present in excess over the eutectic ratio, freezes out before the eutectic; (2) that though thus constant, its composition is not in simple atomic proportions; (3) that its freezing-point is constant; and (4) that, when first formed, it habitually consists of interstratified plates of the metals which compose it.