Sentence Examples with the word höher

The ascent of the Hoher Goll is made from here.

This pass which leads from the Gastein valley to Carinthia is the oldest bridle-path over the Hoher Tauern.

Shore of the Traun lake; the Pyhrgas group with the Grosser Pyhrgas (7360 ft.) and the Sengsen or Sensen group, with the Hoher Nock (6431 ft.).

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In Germany there are two classes of nobility: (t) the hoher Adel, members of the mediatized, formerly sovereign families, who rank as the equals in blood (ebenbiirtig) of the royal houses of Europe; (2) the niederer Adel, to which every one having the nobiliary prefix von belongs.

Are the Hagengebirge (7844 ft.); the beautiful summit of the Hoher Goll (8263 ft.); the Tennegebirge (7217 ft.); and the Untersberg, an outpost of the Berchtesgaden group. Between the Hagengebirge and the Tennengebirge, which are situated on each side of the Salzach valley, is one of the most magnificent narrow passes of the Alps.