Sentence Examples with the word gypsum

The stratified rocks of this system include marine limestones, shales and sandstones; estuarine, lagoonal and fresh-water shales, sandstones and marls with beds of coal, oil-bearing rocks, gypsum and salt.

The town has sandstone and gypsum quarries, breweries and woollen mills, and cultivates fruit and vegetables.

The Pescadero formation) it is highly metamorphic. The Eocene of southern California carries gypsum enough to be of commercial value.

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Liquid occasionally enclosed in the sulphur and gypsum has been found by 0.

Though destitute of metals Aisne furnishes abundance of freestone, gypsum and clay.

For his time he was a skilful chemical analyst; he knew how to distinguish potash and soda by the different colorations they produce in flame, and how to test for iron with prussiate of potash: he was aware that sulphate of potash, gypsum and heavy spar, in spite of their different appearances, all contain sulphuric acid; and he recognized that there are different varieties of urinary calculi.

In the central portion, which belongs to the Triassic formation, magnesian limestone, ferruginous sandstone and gypsum are representative rocks.

The gypsum sands of New Mexico Territory were relentless in the way they could hide new victims.

Keene's cement and its congeners are made in fixed kilns so constructed that only the gaseous products of combustion come into contact with the gypsum to be burnt, in order to avoid contamination with the ash of the fuel.

Salt and gypsum deposits, and other features of the Permian beds, together with the fewness of fossils, indicate that the climate of the Permian was notably arid in many regions.