Sentence Examples with the word gymnastics

She instructed certain of her favourites in gymnastics and athletics, as a useful training for war.

Now it is true that before 447 B.C., besides the teachers of writing, gymnastics and music, to whom the young Greek resorted for elementary instruction, there were artists and artisans who not only practised their crafts, but also communicated them to apprentices and pupils, and that accordingly the Platonic Protagoras recognizes in the gymnast Iccus, the physician Herodicus, and the musicians Agathocles and Pythoclides, forerunners of the sophists.

Duchenne, 1806-1875), of gymnastics (Ling, 1776-1839), of hydropathy (V.

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He was educated at Duisburg, Zurich and Bonn, where he distinguished himself by gymnastics as much as by study.

Primary education in the state schools is free and compulsory; the reading of Church Slavonic, nature-study and agriculture (for boys), domestic science (for girls), certain handicrafts, singing and gymnastics are among the subjects taught.