Sentence Examples with the word gymnasium

His father sent him in his sixteenth year to the gymnasium at Lubeck, where he became so much interested in ancient languages that he abandoned his idea of a legal career and resolved to devote himself to the study of theology.

The endowments of the school are now made over to the gymnasium of Syra.

In 1682 he went to the Gymnasium at Gera, and three years later to the university of Wittenberg.

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BERTHOLD HALLER (1492-1536), Swiss reformer, was born at Aldingen in Wurttemberg, and after studying at Pforzheim, where he met Melanchthon, and at Cologne, taught in the gymnasium at Bern.

In 1833 he received an appointment to teach Hebrew and history in the gymnasium of Erlangen.

He studied at Rome under Laurentius Valla, whom he succeeded (1457) as professor of eloquence in the Gymnasium Romanum.

At last, in his fourth period, after the accession of Alexander, Aristotle at fifty returned to Athens and became the head of his own school in the Lyceum, a gymnasium near the temple of Apollo Lyceius in the suburbs.

Marcellus constructed a gymnasium here out of the booty of Syracuse.

After being educated at the gymnasium of his native town, Tersteegen was for some years apprenticed to a merchant.

Joshua, who headed the Hellenistic faction, graecized his name into Jason, contrived to have the high-priesthood taken from his brother Onias III., and conferred upon himself, and set up a gymnasium hard by the Temple.