Sentence Examples with the word gy

The government met the crisis by renewed energy in harbour works, railway construc y gy y tions and the development of the natural resources of the country.

Pollination having been effected, and the pollen-grain having reached the stigma in angio sperms or the summit of the nucellus in mnos erms P gY P it is detained there, and the viscid secretion from the glands of the stigma in the former case, or from the nucellus in the latter, induce the protrusion of the intine as a pollen-tube through the pores of the grain.

P gY (see Arminius) and Franciscus Gomarus, became the leaders of two parties, who differed from one another upon certain tenets of the abstruse doctrine of predestination.

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C or cz is pronounced as English ts; cs as English ch; ds as English j; zs as French j; gy as dy.

There is no dividing line between first-contact ethnology and -s y g gY gy Th J o pre-contact archaeology.

G gY Y con flict, particularly over the tithe and the control of the Indians; and in 1621, the marquis de Gelves, an energetic reformer, who as viceroy favoured the appointment of the regulars to deal with the natives, came into conflict with Archbishop Serna of Mexico, who placed the city under interdict, excommunicated the viceroy and constrained him to hide from the mob.