Sentence Examples with the word guyot

It was invented about the middle of the 16th century, and has generally been attributed to Guyot Brucher (d.

At Mount Guyot on the North Carolina border, in Sevier county, the surface descends to 117 ft.

Iii., 1900); Guyot d'Amfreville, Vie de J.

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Other educational institutions are the deaf and dumb institution founded by Henri Daniel Guyot (d.

In the Smoky Mountains we have Clingman's Peak (6611), Guyot (6636), Alexander (6447), Leconte (6612), Curtis (6588), with several others above 6000 and many higher than 5000.

They are Mount Guyot (6636 ft.), Clingman Dome (6619 ft.), Mount Le Conte (6612 ft.), Mount Curtis (6568 ft.), Mount Safford (6535 ft.), Mount Love (6443 ft.), Mount Henry (6373(6373 ft.), Roan Mountain (6313 ft.), Luftee Knob (6232 ft.), Peck Peak (6232 ft.), Raven Knob (6230 ft.), Mount Collins (6188 ft.), Tricorner Knob (6188 ft.), Thermometer Knob (6157 ft.), Oconee Mountain (6135 ft.), and Master Knob (6013 ft.).