Sentence Examples with the word guy

Everyone else is half-kidding about the existence of such a person but this guy knows he's for real.

The founder of the family in England was a Norman baron, Guy or Guido de Baliol, who held the fiefs of Bailleul, Dampierre, Harcourt and Vinoy in Normandy.

But his fame had reached the ears of the papal legate in England, Guy de Foulques, who in 1265 became pope as Clement IV.

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No. The guy who bought your paintings I'd never seen before.

She claims a red headed young guy took real good care of her, fed her and let her play video games.

It was a detail that caused considerable consternation to the guy who was fitting the wooden framework for the ceiling.

You can look away when it actually happens but we have to get this guy before he kills another child.

I could understand why he would be chasing her, but if I'd have known she'd go for a guy older than me...

Richard also threw himself into the disputes respecting the crown of Jerusalem, and supported Guy of Lusignan against Conrad of Montferrat with so much heat that he incurred grave, though unfounded, suspicions of complicity when Conrad was assassinated by emissaries of the Old Man of the Mountain.

The guy says you lied to him on the phone.