Sentence Examples with the word guthrie

He ushered her away from a startled Uncle Guthrie to greet some newly arrived guests.

THOMAS GUTHRIE (1803-1873), Scottish divine, was born at Brechin, Forfarshire, on the 12th of July 1803.

As both Territories approved, a constitutional convention (composed of zoo Democrats and 12 Republicans) met at Guthrie on the 20th of November 1906.

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James Guthrie (1612-1661), the martyr, and Ebenezer Erskine (1680-1794), founder of the Scottish Secession Church, were two of the most distinguished ministers.

PETER GUTHRIE TAIT (1831-1901), Scottish physicist, was born at Dalkeith on the 28th of April 1831.

The principal cities in 1907 were Oklahoma City, Muskogee, Guthrie (the capital), Shawnee, Enid, Ardmore, McAlester and Chickasha.

Was conferred on Guthrie by the university of Edinburgh; and in 1850 William Hanna (1808-1882), the biographer and son-in-law of Thomas Chalmers, was inducted as his colleague in Free St John's Church.

This interference with religious liberty led to some controversy; and ultimately those who differed from Guthrie founded the United Industrial School, giving combined secular and separate religious instruction.

In 1850 Guthrie published A Plea on behalf of Drunkards and against Drunkenness, which was followed by The Gospel in Ezekiel (1855); The City: its Sins and Sorrows (1857); Christ and the Inheritance of the Saints (1858); Seedtime and Harvest of Ragged Schools (1860), consisting of his three Pleas for Ragged Schools.

In the Grange repose the ashes of Chalmers, Guthrie and Lee, Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Sir Hope Grant, Hugh Miller and the 2nd Lord Dunfermline.