Sentence Examples with the word gunshot

I was awoken by the gunshot and both of us drove the roads around the perimeter of the property but neither heard nor saw his vehicle.

He had just started toward his Jeep when there was a sound like a gunshot from above them.

Almost immediately, the room erupted with a gunshot and both my assailant and I dropped to the floor.

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She had visited him in Ouray, nearly a year and a half before, while he was recuperating from a gunshot wound.

You're looking for someone treated Saturday night or Sunday morning for a gunshot wound to the leg.

Mr. Thomas Morley was admitted with a gunshot wound to his leg, sustained, according to him, when he was mugged in an alley while taking a short cut to his car.

To gain the best chance of success he would have to concentrate his whole army almost within gunshot of the centre of the enemies' outposts without attracting their attention; otherwise he would find the allies concentrated and waiting for him.

Its wariness, however, is very marvellous, and even at the breeding-season, when most birds throw off their shyness, it is not easily approached within ordinary gunshot distance.

He wiped his prints and replaced it, wondering if Joseph or Ginger Dawkins was responsible for the gunshot at the mine.