Sentence Examples with the word gunnery

Tartaglia's writings on gunnery were translated into English by Lucar in 1588, and into French by Rieffel in 1845.

He superintended the gunnery training and prepared a new drill-book for the fleet.

He was certain that war with Spain was inevitable, and he did much to prepare the navy for hostilities, framing an important personnel bill, collecting ammunition, getting large appropriations for powder and ammunition used in improving the marksmanship of the navy by gunnery practice, buying transports and securing the distribution of ships and supplies (especially in the Pacific) in such a way that, when hostilities were declared, American naval victories would be assured.

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Lissak, Ordnance and Gunnery (New York and London, 1907).

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Bethell, Modern Guns and Gunnery (Woolwich, 1907), and for sights used in the United States, Colonel O.

In 1851 he applied for and obtained a professorship at the Virginia military institute, Lexington; and here, except for a short visit to Europe, he remained for ten years, teaching natural science, the theory of gunnery and battalion drill.

She had a very raw crew, including very few real seamen, and her men had only had one day's gunnery drill.

But personally Peter learnt nearly all that he wanted to know - gunnery at Konigsberg, shipbuilding at Saardam and Deptford, anatomy at Leiden, engraving at Amsterdam - and was proceeding to Venice to complete his knowledge of navigation when the revolt of the slryeltsy, or musketeers (June 1698), recalled him to Moscow.

This was essentially a gunnery appointment, and on the expiration of three years Hood was made Director of Naval Ordnance.