Sentence Examples with the word gunboat

In 1887 the gunboat made a more extended voyage, reaching the port of Timbuktu, and correcting the mapping of the river down to that point.

A gunboat for preventive service purchased from the British government and commanded by an Englishman, with native petty officers and crew, is employed by the Liberian government.

Thus the first campaign of the western armies, completed by the victory of the gunboat flotilla at Memphis (June 6), cleared the Mississippi as far down as Vicksburg, and compelled the Confederates to evacuate the Cumberland and a large portion of the Tennessee basins.

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On the 6th of February Fort Henry fell to Foote's gunboat flotilla, and Grant then moved overland to Donelson.

A gunboat and a torpedo boat constitute the navy, which, however, requires.

Besides the gunboat in the river, he has a guard of sepoys, and there is an Indian post-office in the residency.

In response, Mr Fraser, one of the Free State delegates, remarked that a harbour requires forts, soldiers, ships and sailors to man them, or else it would be at the mercy of the first gunboat that happened to assail it.

The navy in 1906 consisted of only three small cruisers on the Caribbean coast, and two cruisers, two gunboats, one troopship and two steam launches on the Pacific. There was also one small gunboat on the Magdalena.

The French officers, who stated that their presence was due to 1 On the 26th of July a French gunboat also entered the estuary on a belated annexation mission.

He arranged with Marchand to leave the political question to be settled by diplomacy, and contented himself with hoisting the British and Egyptian flags to the south of the French flag, and leaving a gunboat and a Sudanese battalion to guard them.