Sentence Examples with the word gullet

Behind the gullet lies the sub-oesophageal nerve-centre (fig.

He buried a dagger in the gullet of the remaining man and darted forward.

When the growth is at the cardiac end of the stomach, blocking the gullet and causing slow starvation, the abdomen may advisedly be opened, and, the stomach having been fixed to the surface-wound, a permanent opening may be arranged for the introduction of an adequate amount of food.

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A slender ciliated gullet (e) leads into a large stomach (st) whose wall consists of large richly ciliated cells with usually a pair of simple secretory sacs opening into it: it may open through an intestine or rectum into the cloaca.

The gullet is short, except in the Apoda.

Opening their jaws to their fullest extent, they seize the animal generally by the head, and pushing alternately the right and left sides of the jaws forward, they press the body through their elastic gullet into the stomach, its outlines being visible for some time through the distended walls of the abdomen.

Fire exploded in her gullet as an arrow pierced her from behind.

The gullet leads into a moderate-sized crop, and several pairs of salivary glands open into the mouth.

On either side of the gullet are from one to ten pairs of salivary glands (fig.

As he spoke, he slid the sword through the woman's gullet and released her.