Sentence Examples with the word guilty

Still, she felt guilty - and confused.

Outside the New Testament of aversion to receiving back into Church fellowship those who, after confessing Christ, had been guilty of grave sins.

Merrill Cooms went on to tell of the capture of the guilty Michigan pedophile who had earlier beaten the wrap.

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Within the limits of the society there were four grades so distinct that if any one touched a member of an inferior grade he required to cleanse himself by bathing in water; members who had been found guilty of serious crimes were expelled from the society, and could not be received again till reduced to the very last extremity of want or sickness.

The conspiracies were repeatedly betrayed and the guilty parties terribly punished.

She was a celebrated dancer and courtesan, who, in the full flower of her beauty and guilty sovereignty over the youth of Antioch, was suddenly converted by the influence of the holy bishop Nonnus, whom she had heard preaching in front of a church which she was passing with her gay train of attendants and admirers.

He was pronounced guilty of rapine, incendiarism, incest, assassination and heresy.

If a woman administers to herself any poison or other noxious thing, or unlawfully uses any instrument or other means to procure her own miscarriage, she is guilty of felony.

Now at least he could include a reference to Cece Baldwin's name without a guilty conscience.

After the collapse of that company a secret committee of inquiry was appointed by the Commons, and Aislabie, who had in the meantime resigned the seals of his office, was declared guilty of having encouraged and promoted the South Sea scheme with a view to his own exorbitant profit, and was expelled the House.