Sentence Examples with the word guillotine

Simon was sent to the guillotine with Robespierre in 1794, and two years later Marie Jeanne entered a hospital for incurables in the rue de Sevres, where she constantly affirmed the dauphin's escape.

Imprisoned in La Force (1794) he was one of those who had the good fortune to escape the guillotine till the death of Robespierre set them free.

He incurred the suspicion of Robespierre, was thrown into prison, and escaped the guillotine by an accident.

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The incorruptible wanted to ship. become the invulnerable and the scaffold of the guillotine waa clowded.

Lenotre in La Guillotine pendant la Revolution (1893).

She was condemned to death by guillotine on the 8th of December 1793, and beheaded the same evening.

The form of trial was soon discontinued, and the victims were sent to the guillotine or shot or cut down in the prisons en masse.

On the 31st they were borne to the guillotine in five tumbrils, the corpse of Dufriche de Valaze - who had killed himself - being carried with them.

It is often supposed that he was in love with his prisoner; but the help even of the commander-in-chief did not avail to save her from the guillotine (Jan.

Yet Turreau's crimes were almost surpassed by Carrier, the representative on mission at Nantes, who, finding the guillotine too slow in the destruction of his prisoners, adopted the plan of drowning them wholesale.