Sentence Examples with the word guevara

By the Angevines Potenza was made a domain of the San Severino family; in the beginning of the 15th century it was held by Francesco Sforza, and in 1435 it passed to the Guevara family; the Loffredi, who succeeded by marriage, continued in possession till the abolition of the great fiefs.

In 1547 the town was taken from its prince, Wolfgang (a cadet of the house of Anhalt), who had joined the league of Schmalkalden, and given by the emperor Charles V., with the rest of the prince's possessions, to the Spanish general and painter, Felipe Ladron y Guevara (1510-1563), from whom it was, however, soon repurchased.

At the same time Spanish influences reached them through the imitators of Guevara and the dramatists; French influences in the versions of romances; German in fluences in popular translations of the Faust legend, Eulenspiegel and similar productions.

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ANTONIO DE GUEVARA (c. 149 0 -1544), Spanish chronicler and moralist, was a native of the province of Alava, and passed some of his earlier years at the court of Isabella, queen of Castile.