Sentence Examples with the word guerrilla

Although an, active guerrilla warfare was waged against the Dutch during a large part of that period, they did much to promote the agricultural and commercial interests of the colony, especially under the wise administration of Maurice of Nassau.

De Wet, after escaping from Brandwater Basin, was hunted north-westward, and crossed into the Transvaal, where, joining the local guerrilla bands, he surrounded an infantry brigade at Fredrikstad.

It's too risky to attack them by oneself, and if we put it off till another day one of the big guerrilla detachments will snatch the prey from under our noses, thought Denisov, continually peering forward, hoping to see a messenger from Dolokhov.

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On October 22, Denisov (who was one of the irregulars) was with his group at the height of the guerrilla enthusiasm.

Madrid was easily taken, but the Spaniards showed great capacity for the guerrilla warfare in the provinces.

This perpetual guerrilla was a severe strain upon the resources of the great power, and Shamyl's romantic fight for independence, making him a sort of ally of England and France at the time of the Crimean War (1853-55), earned him a European reputation.

One of the reforms immediately undertaken was the disbanding of the Korean standing army, which led to an insurrection and an intermittent guerrilla warfare which, owing to the nature of the country, was not easy to subdue.

During this time and in the six succeeding years a guerrilla warfare was maintained by the patriots of Upper Peru, who had taken refuge in the mountains, chiefly of the province of Yungas, and who frequently harassed the royalist troops.

He fought with Bul - garian and Greek guerrilla bands, coming meanwhile in contact with the representatives of the new ideas, and finding in Talaat, the minor telegraph official, a politician after his own heart.

Thenceforward he came to be regarded more and more as the most formidable leader of the Boers in their guerrilla warfare.