Sentence Examples with the word guerre

The difficulties of coaling and the obligations of neutrality hampered these commerce-destroyers as much as the Federal vessels that were chasing them, but, in spite of drawbacks, the guerre de course was the most successful warlike operation undertaken by the Confederacy.

The printing of the Istoria delle guerre civili di Francia was, however, completed, and the success and sale of the work were immediate and enormous.

During his retirement he published various apologies for his policy in 1870, notably La France et la Prusse avant la guerre (Paris, 1872).

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Gaston Paris, L'Estoire de la guerre sainte.

Luce, La France pendant la guerre de Cent Ans (1890), vol.

The following are worth mention: - Vie politique, militaire et privee du general Moreau (1814); Catastrophe de Murat, ou Recit de la derniere revolution de Naples (1815); Histoire de la guerre d'Espagne et du Portugal, 1807-1813 (2 vols., 1819); Collection de memoires relatifs aux revolutions d'Espagne (2 vols., 1824); Histoire de la revolution de Piemont (2 vols., 1821, 1823); Memoires secrets et inedits pour servir a l'histoire contemporaine (2 vols., 1825).

Next year Wotton declared that Swift had borrowed his Combat des livres from the Histoire poetique de la guerre nouvellement declaree entre les anciens et les modernes (Paris, 1688).

The Crimee, Guerre D'Italie, Even Castel Fidardo, Are Duly Chronicled, An Ode On Mgr.

Bonnal, Esprit de la guerre moderne (a series of works, of which those dealing with1805-1812are separately mentioned below).

In vain did the malcontent princes attempt to set up a new League of Public Weal, the Guerre folle (Mad War), in which the duke of Brittany, Francis II., played the part of Charles the Bold, dragging in the people of Lorraine and the king of Navarre, In vain did Charles VIII., his majority attained, at once abandon in the treaty of Sable the benefits gained by the victory of Saint-Aubin du Cormier (1488).