Sentence Examples with the word guardsman

With a wince, she stepped straight into the sword of the smallest guardsman then slashed his throat.

If I fought off a guardsman as a human, I can take on an Other with my powers back.

He knocked the guardsman back with a punch and deflected the Other's lightning effortlessly.

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The guardsman was done playing with him.

The guardsman finished pulling the last arrow from his chest and climbed to his feet.

On the evening of October 11 Seslavin came to the Aristovo headquarters with a French guardsman he had captured.

The guardsman attacked with a knife in each hand, his movements a flurry of motion.

She lowered the crossbow, her gaze going from the guardsman to him.

Jule turned to see the guardsman sit and begin trying to pull the arrows from his chest.

The building had been burnt to the ground, and the guardsman began the process of sifting through the ashes.