Sentence Examples with the word guardian

The guardian or his servant must not take from the ward's property more than a reasonable amount for his expenses and the like; on the contrary he must maintain the houses, estates and other belongings in a proper state of efficiency.

The civil war was renewed; but Aulus Gabinius, the proconsul, soon crushed the pretender and set up an aristocracy in Judaea with Hyrcanus as guardian of the Temple.

For the next four years Isabella and Mortimer governed in his name, though nominally his guardian was Henry, earl of Lancaster.

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His subsequent appointments were in the civil line, the last being that of guardian to the young maharaja of Mysore.

Damian caught his eye and looked pointedly at Dusty, silently asking if the Guardian had done as he asked and told his boss that the Natural was more than a new recruit.

You think an Other is your father, and you seem to think a Guardian of humanity is your enemy.

Ernest Augustus II., who succeeded in 1748, died in 1758, and his young widow, Anna Amelia, was appointed regent of the country and guardian of her infant son Charles Augustus.

In the settlement made after Alexander's death (323) it was finally agreed that Philip Arrhidaeus, an insane son of the great Philip, and Roxana's unborn child (if a son) should be recognized as joint kings, Perdiccas being appointed, according to one account, guardian and regent, according to another, chiliarch under Craterus.

Another attempt by Adam Newton, guardian of the Friars Minorite at Berwick, had a more ignominious result.

He is the guardian of the sacred oracles, knowing no kin, and enjoying his privileges for proofs of fidelity at Massah and Meribah.