Sentence Examples with the word guarded

Jonny demanded, at once guarded and tense.

The art of compounding this mixture, which is also referred to as zrup Oaxa6vcov, or sea fire, was jealously guarded at Constantinople, and the possession of the secret on several occasions proved of great advantage to the city.

The chief difference between the two treatises is one which twenty years' experience in affairs could not but bring - the substitution of more cautious and guarded language, less dogmatic affirmation, more allowance for exceptions and deviations.

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The jealously guarded secret was discovered by Mr. Supilo in Petrograd within a few days of the signature of the treaty, and the main facts becoming known in Austria-Hungary, were skilfully exploited by her to rally the Croats and Slovenes in defence of their national territory.

Trescothick's explanation seemingly contradicts England's guarded explanation after he made a tearful exit from the India tour nearly seven weeks ago.

With flat and shelving shores, the shoal-banks off the main mouths of the delta form the chief danger to shipping, and this is guarded against by a good service of lighthouses and lightships.

The canals too were guarded by chains stretched across their mouths and by towers in some cases, as, for example, in the case of the Torresella Canal, which takes its name from these defence works.

The scent of the ocean was on the air, and the area in front of them was guarded by tourist police while tourists camped out in small tents up and down the road.

Near the lower part of the verumontanum is a little pouch, the utriculus masculinus, about one-eighth of an inch deep, the opening of which is guarded by a delicate membranous circular fold, the male hymen.

Priam, guarded by Hermes, went to Achilles and prevailed on him to give back the body, which was buried with great honour.