Sentence Examples with the word guard

After all, he wasn't a guard dog.

Marshal Mortier with the Imperial Guard at Paris.

Bolkonski and Denisov moved to the gate, at which a knot of soldiers (a guard of honor) was standing, and they saw Kutuzov coming down the street mounted on a rather small sorrel horse.

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His guard was down for the first time since she'd known him.

It follows that in testing iron for magnetic quality the greatest care must be exercised to guard the specimen against any accidental vibration.

Jackson could not help but feel she had decided to let her guard down and give him a chance.

Now military service is obligatory for all Peruvians between the ages of 19 and 50, who are divided into four classes, first and second reserves (19 to 30, and 30 to 35 years), supernumeraries (those who have purchased exemption from service in the regular army), and the national guard (35 to 50 years).

The Guard brigade of Kuroki's army which had served with Nozu in the advance had now returned to Feng-hwang-cheng.

Frowning, she rose to see if her Immortal guard was nodding off at his post.

She stepped back over his body, unwilling to lower her guard against the large vamp whose gaze was on her.