Sentence Examples with the word guarani

Inhabiting the southern part of the Bolivian plain are the Chiriguanos, a detached tribe of the Guarani race which drifted westward to the vicinity of the Andes long ago.

The Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes (1839-1896) is the best known of those who have adopted music as a profession, his opera Il Guarani having been produced at most of the European capitals.

Cabot in his voyage had seen many silver ornaments in the possession of the Timbu and Guarani Indians.

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Although Spanish is the language of the dominant minority, Quichua, Aymara and Guarani are the languages of the natives, who form a majority of the population.

Owing to its patronage by the Jesuit missionaries the Guarani language became a widespread medium of communication, and in a corrupted form is still the common language in Paraguay.

Society, May 15, 1885) adduces evidence to prove that the Guarani Tuca is from ti, nose, and cdng, bone,, i.e.