Sentence Examples with the word guano

In 1905 a lease of Nightingale, Inaccessible and Gough islands, for the purpose of working the guano deposits, was granted by the British government.

The guano beds are found on the barren islands of the Guano.

Peruvian guano is obtained from the excreta of South American sea-birds, and fish guano from the waste of fish.

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Since the removal of their guano deposits they have become practically worthless, except where they serve to shelter anchorages.

Albany ships much cotton, and has a cotton compress, a cotton mill, cotton-seed oil and guano factories, brick yards, lumber mills and ice factories.

Of guano will add to the productiveness of the crop. On good soil and in favourable seasons the yield sometimes reaches to 40 bushels per acre.

The soil is suitable for the cultivation of almost all kinds of tropical produce, and it is to be regretted that the prosperity of the colony depends almost entirely on one article of production, for the consequences are serious when there is a failure, more or less, of the sugar crop. Guano is extensively imported as a manure, and by its use the natural fertility of the soil has been increased to a wonderful extent.

A large increase in imports, caused by fictitious prosperity and inability to obtain drafts against guano shipments, led to the exportation of coin to meet commercial obligations, and this soon reduced the currency circulation to a paper basis.

Of the latter the best known is guano (see Manures and M Anuring).

Internal strife at first prevented the development of her resources, and then when the export of guano and nitrates supplied her treasury with an abundance of funds the money was squandered on extravagant enterprises and in corrupt practices.