Sentence Examples with the word guaira

In 1908 there were only 13 railway lines with a mileage of about 540 m., including the short lines from Caracas to El Valle and La Guaira to Maiquetia and Macuto, and the La Vela and Coro.

The Guaira river, a branch of the Tuy, traverses the plain from west to east, and flows past the city on the south.

The best known of the Venezuelan railways is the short line from La Guaira to Caracas (224 m.), which scales the steep sides of the mountain behind La Guaira and reaches an elevation of 3135 ft.

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Besides these there are a number of small indentations, sheltered anchorages formed by islands and reefs like that of Puerto Cabello, and estuaries and also open roadsteads, like those of La Guaira and Carupano, which serve important ports.