Sentence Examples with the word gth

On the gth of May 1843 he was appointed secretary of state ad interim, after the resignation of Daniel Webster.

The chief Nestorian authors were (a) in the 7th, 8th and gth centuries, Babbai the elder and Isho-yabh of Gedhala, commentators; Sandona, who wrote on the monastic life; Abraham the Lame, a devotional and penitential writer; Dionysius of Tell Mahre (see DIONYsIUs Telmaharensis), whose Annals are important; and Thomas (q.v.) of Marga; (b) in the 14th century, Abdh-isho bar Berikha (d.

In the west the Alamanni and the descendants of the Marcomanni, now called Baiouarii (Bavarians), had broken through the frontiers of the Roman provinces of Vindelicia The Rurand Noricum at the beginning of the gth century, gundians while the Vandals together with some of the Suebi andother and the non-Teutonic Alani from tile east crossed tribes.

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On the gth of March General Gordon proposed, if the immediate evacuation of Khartum is determined upon irrespective of outlying towns, to send down.

Rn, Mantle flap. In the gth edition of this br, Outer, b'r', inner gill-plate - each Encyclopaedia Professor (Sir) composed of two lamellae.

He left the army in 1887, married Sibell Mary, daughter of the gth Earl of Scarbrough, widow of Earl Grosvenor, mother of the 2nd Duke of Westminster, and became private secretary to Mr. Balfour, at the time Irish Secretary, a position which he held till 1892.

After a fresh reorganization during the night an attempt was yet again made on the gth to win the mountain, and that day some British and Indian troops actually fought their way on to a commanding summit from which the Narrows could be seen, only, however, speedily to be driven off again.