Sentence Examples with the word gruff

He will confirm for Sirian, Hilden said in his gruff voice.

General Greene's gruff voice held a tense note.

Hilden's gruff voice broke into her thoughts as he trotted out of the hold into the street.

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As we were walking down the end of the wharf towards the ship, Queequeg carrying his harpoon, Captain Peleg in his gruff voice loudly hailed us from his wigwam, saying he had not suspected my friend was a cannibal, and furthermore announcing that he let no cannibals on board that craft, unless they previously produced their papers.

The gruff warrior appeared in the doorway.

So gruff - and yet those eyes that sparkled with amusement.

Hilden's gruff voice was gentle.

Lana smiled faintly, grateful for the familiar woman's gruff calm.

A woman with a gruff voice answered for Blast Publishing.