Sentence Examples with the word gruesome

She was expecting to see some gruesome scene like that in the second bedroom caused by Darkyn's demons a week ago or what he'd done to his own demons who tried to drink her blood in Hell.

Dedicated to him one of his famous epigrams, and Prudentius(Peristephanon, i i) drew a highly coloured picture of his gruesome death, the details of which are certainly purely legendary: the myth of Hippolytus the son of Theseus was transferred to the Christian martyr.

In his gruesome descriptions of physical sufferings the author offends against good taste even more than the writer of 2 Macc., while both contrast very unfavourably in this respect with the sober reserve of the gospel narratives.

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So did the gruesome but powerful novel, Therese Raquin (1867).

When he opened his eyes, he found a gruesome sight awaiting him.

Thousands of miles away, Gabriel was with one of his death dealers surveying the gruesome discovery.

While the Deans were pleased that Martha had confided in them about her gruesome discovery, her pending exit remained an ever-present pall that hung over the remainder of the evening like a chilly fog.

It seems possible that tribute children were actually exacted to take part in the gruesome shows of the Minoan bull-rings, of which we now have more than one illustration (see Crete: Archaeology).

You couldn't be a cop for fourteen years and not look death in the face and recognize its gruesome glare.

Without a doubt, it would be a diversion from the gruesome thoughts that had plagued her mind lately.