Sentence Examples with the word grudgingly

The praise was spoken grudgingly with a note bordering despair.

But this concession, grudgingly made, only remained in force for a few years, and on the death of the pope (1464) was revoked altogether, save in the case of members of the Piccolomini house, who were decreed to be popolani and were allowed to retain all their privileges.

He decided to grudgingly concede the role of the director, but they still think the words speak for themselves.

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Sofi grudgingly took it, terrified of what was to come.

The vamp grudgingly disappeared into his room.

He'd grudgingly gone on the hunting trip, not wanting to leave Claire behind by herself.

Dusty grudgingly faced off against Sofi once more.

He grudgingly released her and pushed himself back, straddling her thighs.

Damian thought there was no good to Xander at all, while Sofi grudgingly admitted there might be something more to him.

Were freely exploited by the szlachta, who granted that ever impecunious monarch as little as possible, but got full value for every penny they grudgingly gave.