Sentence Examples with the word grudge

That is our common misfortune, and I shall grudge nothing to help you.

His old enmity takes up for the house of Lancaster was completely swallowed the cause up in his new grudge against the king that he had made.

Lord Palmerston, on the other hand, had no personal grudge to nurture, but he was convinced that the first duty of England was to support Turkey and to resist Russia.

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The letter bears no sign of dictation by Calvin (who must, however, have furnished the enclosed sheet), and de Trye's part may be explained by an old grudge of his against the Lyons booksellers.

He hardly knows the woman and you heard what Martha said; she still holds a grudge over what she perceived as Howie's carelessness that caused her daughter's kidnapping and death.

In the second place, there was the commercial grudge of Venice, which had only been given large privileges by the Eastern empire to desire still larger, and had, moreover, been annoyed not only by alterations or revocations of those privileges, such as the usurper Alexius III.

But soon these two, along with Ayesha, the mother of the faithful, who had an old grudge against Ali, succeeded in making their escape to Irak, where at Basra they raised the standard of rebellion.

To satisfy a private grudge against Gilles, brother of Duke Francis II.

Some kids would hold a grudge a lot longer than that.

But it is not so fantastic to ascribe its birth to the personal hatred that existed between Richard of York and Edmund of Somerset, to the old family grudge (going back to 1405) between the Percies and the Nevilles, to the marriage alliance that bound the houses of York and Neville together, and to other less wellremembered quarrels or blood-ties among the lesser baronage.