Sentence Examples with the word growl

I have never known that dog to do anything but growl at vampires.

She found herself hurrying around him to the couch at his low growl and suspected he wasn't someone who ever repeated anything.

Darkyn's growl made her blood run cold.

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No angry growl was heard.

His low growl made Jenn shift and stretch a hand to the small of her back, where she probably had at least one weapon stashed.

He stopped at the growl that came from deep within Rhyn's chest.

Deidre recognized the growl of the half-demon and faced him.

The low growl of the Original Vamp they'd inherited interrupted her thoughts.

They are the only ones, Darkyn's growl was unusually soft, almost a purr.

Losing the battle with his lust, he let out an inhuman growl and bit into her neck.