Sentence Examples with the word growing

The period of minority was exceptionally anarchical, even for Castile, but as the cities, always the best supporters of the royal authority, were growing in strength, Henry was able to reduce his kingdom to obedience, and, when he took the government into his own hands after 1393, to compel his nobles with comparative ease to surrender the crown lands they had seized.

The same order of events may be ascertained to take place in the stem; but in this region it is complicated by the occurrence of nodes and internodes, growth in length being confined to the latter, many of which may be growing simultaneously.

She was confused and a little annoyed by a growing desire for a more serious relationship.

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As cultivated in China it is an evergreen shrub growing to a height of from 3 to 5 ft.

Scribe, who shared with him, as librettist, the success and growing popularity of his compositions.

The most important was the repeal of the silver legislation, which had been a growing menace for fifteen years.

Mrs. Marsh burst into a fresh bout of tears, and Brandon put an arm around her, his own eyes growing misty.

Signs are also not wanting that Christina was growing weary of the cares of government; while the importunity of the senate and Riksdag on the question of her marriage was a constant source of irritation.

Budweis has a large, varied and growing industry, which comprises the manufacture, of chemicals, matches, paper, machinery, bricks and tiles, corn and saw mills, boat-building, bell-founding and black-lead pencils.

The last provision meant that the growing Protestantism was to be fought by harrassing litigation - nicht fechten sondern rechten was the phrase.