Sentence Examples with the word grow up

His father hoped that Daniel would grow up to be a wise and famous man.

Let us trust that great good may come from it, and that Benjamin West may grow up to be an honor to our country and the world.

Not when you grow up with it.

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Your children actually might grow up feeling privileged, better, and even a bit snooty.

And Alfred did grow up to become the wisest and noblest king that England ever had.

It is remarkable that a single mouse should thus be allowed a whole pine tree for its dinner, gnawing round instead of up and down it; but perhaps it is necessary in order to thin these trees, which are wont to grow up densely.

Over against this view, which might well grow up among the Jews of the Dispersion as a sort of substitute for the possibility of offering sacrifices in the Temple - but which would be a lame addition to the Christianity of their own former leaders (xiii.

Adoption was very common, especially where the father (or mother) was childless or had seen all his children grow up and marry away.

Some day Michael would grow up and realize there was something more in life than conquest.

The facilities given for shipping wool direct to England from this port have caused a very extensive wool-broking trade to grow up in the town.