Sentence Examples with the word grow

They would all grow strong leaning on each other.

In connexion with corticolous lichens may be mentioned those lignicole species which grow on decayed, or decaying wood of trees and on old pales (e.g.

All grow from small beginnings and increase by a sort of popular contagion; all teach that God is to be appeased by prayers, presents, vows, but especially, and most irrationally, by human suffering.

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During the rest of the year the ewes run on grass and receive hay when necessary, with a limited amount of dry artificial food daily, 4 lb each, gradually rising as they grow heavy in lamb to i lb per day.

These are at first yellowish in colour and fleshy; but as they grow older they become rotten and assume a brown or black colour.

Deidre watched their history and their love grow then become stale, not because of what they felt, but because of the steps Past-Death began taking to ensure she never lost him.

But in addition, when nations trade, the underlying economies themselves grow ever more intertwined.

Nearly all the species of plants which grow on these prairies are common to Europe (paeonics, Hemerocallis, asters, pinks, gentians, violets, Cypripedium, Aquilegia, Delphinium, aconites, irises and so on), but here the plants attain a much greater size; a man standing erect is often hidden by the grasses.

Cottonwoods line the streams, salt-loving vegetation margins the bare playas, low bushes and scattered bunch-grass grow over the lowlands, especially in the north.

In spite of the check to their trade received from the emperor Manuel in 1171, Venetian commerce continued to flourish, the Venetian fleet to grow and the Venetians to amass wealth.