Sentence Examples with the word grouping

Agglomeration consists in the grouping or union together of several Trypanosomes around a common centre; this leads to the formation of rosette-like clusters, or even of large masses composed of several rosettes.

The accidental use of a single name, America, for the pair of continents that has a greater extension from north to south than any other continuous land area of the globe, has had some recent justification, since the small body of geological opinion has turned in favour of the theory of the tetrahedral deformation of the earth's crust as affording explanation of the grouping of continents and oceans.

He was assistant librarian of Harvard University from 1856 to 1872, and planned and perfected an alphabetical card catalogue, combining many of the advantages of the ordinary dictionary catalogues with the grouping of the minor topics under more general heads, which is characteristic of a systematic catalogue.

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Hence the ancient saying which, grouping with these the commercial facilities afforded by the bridge over the Ilmenau, ascribes the prosperity of Luneburg to its mons, fens, pons.

Muller knew several important forms in 1773, while Ehrenberg in 1830 had advanced to the commencement of a scientific separation and grouping of them, and in 1838 had proposed at least sixteen species, distributing them into four genera.

Prussia should probably be further subdivided, either with each province getting its own category, or grouping provinces together.

Such classifications are, however, uninstructive, and it has been found practically necessary in financial writing to take the principal taxes by name, or by such a general grouping as that of import or stamp duties, and then describe their nature, characteristics and incidence.

Genus, ranging throughout the Carboniferous, the elongated sporangia individually resemble those of Marattiaceae, but they are completely isolated, the characteristic grouping in sori being absent; the same remark applies to the Sphenopteroid Renaultia of Zeiller (fig.

What exactly the grouping into Inguaeones, Hermiones and Istaeuones was based upon can only be conjectured, though probably its origin is to be sought rather in religion than in political union.

Group is very reactive and behaves in a similar manner to the grouping CO CH 2 CO in open chain compounds, e.g.