Sentence Examples with the word ground

In the front line, handicapped from the start owing to confusion in the preliminary assembly of their units, to push too far forward without making sure of the ground in their rear.

It is pleasantly situated on rising ground above the river Mole, 3 m.

The Great Plains are covered for the most part only with bunch grass which grows in tufts, leaving the ground visible between, and except in May and June presents a yellow and withered appearance.

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Silpius and the city lay mainly on the low ground to the north, fringing the river.

One cannot but feel regret at seeing the Reformed Churches blown about by every wind of doctrine, and catching at straws now from Kant, now from Hegel, and now from Lotze, or at home from Green, Caird, Martineau, Balfour and Ward in succession, without ever having considered the basis of their faith; while the Roman Catholics are making every effort to ground a Universal Church on a sane system of metaphysics.

ISMID, or Isnikmid (anc. Nicomedia), the chief town of the Khoja Ili sanjak of Constantinople, in Asia Minor, situated on rising ground near the head of the gulf of Ismid.

Kris strode past him and led him through the castle's ground floor, whose wide, carpeted halls felt nice on his paws.

In 1226 he was appointed chancellor by the council governing during the minority of Henry III.; and when the king in 1236 demanded the return of the great seal, Neville refused to surrender it, on the ground that only the authority that had appointed him to the office had power to deprive him of it.

The use of the heavy timbers and continuous framing which characterize this system facilitates greatly the work of mining and maintaining the haulage roads on the different floors, and gives more rigid support to the unmined portions of the block of ground above.

It is that part of the digestive apparatus which is analogous to the single stomach of other Mammalia, as the food there undergoes the process of chymification, after being macerated and ground down in the three first stomachs.