Sentence Examples with the word grosse

Unforgettable is the picture which the poet subsequently drew of his childhood spent in the large house with its many nooks and crannies, in the Grosse Hirschgraben at Frankfort.

In 1682 he returned to London, where he wrote the Chemischer Gliickshafen oder grosse Concordanz and Collection von 1500 Processen and died in October of the same year.

Von Wyss, Karl der Grosse als Gesetzgeber (Zurich, 1869); Th.

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The streets enclosing the Binnen Alster are fashionable promenades, and leading directly from this quarter are the main business thoroughfares, the Neuer-Wall, the Grosse Bleichen and the Hermannstrasse.

Brode, Friedrich der Grosse and der Konflikt mit seinem Vater (Leipzig, 1904); W.

Among the latter is the Grosse Markt with a statue of Prince Leopold I.

The inner ring is connected by the Vaczi Korut (Waitzner-Ring) with the Grosse Ring-Strasse, a succession of boulevards, describing a semicircle beginning at the Margaret bridge and ending at the Boraros Platz, near the custom-house quay, through about the middle of the town.

The next year (1540) he published a refutation of the attacks upon his doctrine with a more elaborate exposition of it, under the title Grosse Confession.

A'bec Crimson Galande Crawford's Early Grosse Mignonne Noblesse.

And Reise durch die Grosse Wfiste fiber Rhadames nach Tripoli (Bremen, 1868).