Sentence Examples with the word grizzly

The grizzly bear, however, is chiefly carnivorous; while the polar bear is almost wholly so.

Deep, pale brown, with long top hairs of a dark and silvery-grey mixture of a grizzly type, the best having a bluish tone and the cheapest a yellowish or reddish-brown.

Bison no longer roam the plains, and the elk has been driven out; but among the larger mammals still to be found in certain districts are the deer, prong-horn (in small numbers), puma, coyote, timber wolf, lynx (Lynx rufus and Lynx Canadensis) and the black and grizzly bear.

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The grizzly bear (Ursus arctus horribilis, formerly known as U.

She gingerly picked the grizzly trophy up from the barn floor and tossed it in the trash bucket.

The grizzly bear is said to lose this power of climbing in the adult stage.

Black, brown and grizzly bears may be seen at almost any time during the summer season feeding on the garbage from the hotels.

Inferior sorts, almost grizzly in effect and some very pale, are found in Europe and Asia and are mostly used locally.

Large animals, such as the black and the grizzly bear, and deer are found on the slopes of the Sierra Mountains, and antelope, deer and elk visit the northernmost valleys in the winter.

In the mountains of the west are the grizzly bear, black bear and cinnamon bear.