Sentence Examples with the word grits

Groats or grits are the whole kernel from which the husk is removed.

The rest of 'em are all still down there, eating grits and keeping away from the law.

Although the rocks throughout the Southern Uplands have a persistent northeasterly and south-westerly strike, and though this trend is apparent in the bands of more rugged hills that mark the outcrop of hard grits and greywackes, nevertheless geological structure has been much less effective in determining the lines of ridge and valley than in the Highlands.

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Muds, sands, grits and conglomerates are the predominant types.

And lying upon the upturned edges of the greatly denuded Silurian grits and shales.

Conybeare in 1821 to the coal-bearing strata of England and Wales, including the related grits and limestones immediately beneath them.

These are separable into a lower group (Kundelungu) of red felspathic grits and into an upper group (Lubilasch) of white friable sandstones.

In height, are capped by portions of the grits and sandstones, which rest upon the limestone.

In the Ardennes the system is represented by grits and sandstones, shales, slates and quartz schists, and includes also whet slates and some igneous rocks.

Murchison published his Silurian system in 1839, wherein he recognized the Cambrian to include the barren slates and grits of Harlech, Llanberis and the Long Mynd.