Sentence Examples with the word grisly

He is described as a grisly monster with a hundred dragons' heads, who was conquered and cast into Tartarus by Zeus.

He is represented as a morose and grisly old man in a black sailor's cape.

He lived in the world, as the last of the Grisly Bears lived in settled Missouri.

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Pulling gloves and a bag from his pocket, he proceeded to collect the grisly specimen.

Lydia staggered to her feet and joined them, leaving the grisly sight behind.

In the main island the black bear (kuma, Ursusjaponicus) alone has its habitation, but the island of Yezo has the great brown bear (called shi-guma, oki-kuma or aka-kuma), the grisly of North America.

As he lifted the grisly pair high to admire, the wind tugged his hat off, slinging it on the sand a few feet away.

The grisly scene leading to the condos likely dissuaded anyone from visiting, she rationalized.

It is difficult, moreover, not to connect the repeated wall-paintings and reliefs of the palace illustrating the cruel bull sports of the Minoan arena, in which girls as well as youths took part, with the legend of the Minotaur, or bull of Minos, for whose grisly meals Athens was forced to pay annual tribute of her sons and daughters.

It is unnecessary to refer more fully to the evidence for former human sacrifice or to the popular stories and grim superstitions which indicate its persistence; the grisly custom of our ancestors has been attested by comparatively recent observation in Mexico, Peru, Fiji and W.